I wanted to experience porting over a Xamarin iOS app to Android and decided that my Pay With Pin app was a good candidate. The app is pretty straight forward, it has a number of tabs that display information, a couple of forms for user input and a fair bit of common code that works with the Pin API.

I was able to reuse almost 100% of the common code that works with the Pin API, it’s really impressive. Then binding data to the UI and building the UI was pretty straight forward. I still think that iOS development is easier, the process is more refined and requires less effort. I think the end result on iOS is better.

A few screenshots of the app:

Pay With Pin - screenshotpic2

Pay With Pin lets you create and charge customers, view charges and process new charges. You could easily use it at to run a market stall on the weekend or something like that.

It can be downloaded on Google Play here.